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Nick Anderson — Houston Chronicle

What’s wrong with this picture? Racists, that’s what. -Jess

Not even straight-out racism, per se. What’s really wrong with this picture is that a) these are facts, b) the people of Texas probably do not know these facts, c) the Republican Party of Texas has been busy hiding these facts, and d) the people of Texas are not more outraged, perhaps because this affects minorities and the elderly, not the vast white, pickup-truck-driving, big-belt-buckle-wearing, holier-than-thou majority.

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references the largely Republican push for stricter voter ID laws, which some argue could suppress turnout among elderly, poor and minority voters.

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Bad Romance: Women’s Suffrage

A fun “Bad Romance” parody. These ladies did a pretty good job!


That was cool. I also liked the inclusion of the guy who got the message from his mom that suffrage would be nice and so he voted for it.

Didn’t women end up getting suffrage because it was less grief for the president to do that rather than declare the ladies political prisoners?

My friend sent me the link for this. It’s beautiful.

the crafting of this video is really well done.

Trigger warnings for institutionalization and force feeding, but Jesus Christ on a pogostick this is amazing.

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Please. If you vote for a third party candidate, you’ll invoke the spoiler effect.

And then we’ll have a president who’ll make the morning after pill criminal. We’ll have a president who will do their level best to shut down or underfund Planned Parenthood. Birth rates and poverty will skyrocket as a direct result. Female education will drop. So will male education, though less so. 

We’ll see young women and their babies dying because of back-alley illegal abortions. We’ll see babies that should have been stopped by condoms or morning after pills born, because their parents didn’t have good sex-ed. And those babies will be starving, and those babies will get sick and die or else get put into foster care or else grow up into another generation of the urban or rural poor. And their parents, young people with potential, will also be urban or rural poor, with two or three part time jobs and living with their parents far into their thirties. And they will be uneducated because the government gave them no way to feed their baby and finish schooling. And they will vote Republican because they have no way of realizing that it’s the Republican gestalt that did this to them.

And then World War Three will start.

And it will be your fault. 

Look guys, Obama can’t do everything. That’s the nature of checks and balances. It’s a good system, but it’s working against us right now. The important thing, though, is that he’s trying. He’s trying to give us what we want, he’s trying to make legislation that will do good for the American people in the long run. He’s doing his level best. And none of the other candidates have shown us that so far. 

See Ron Paul: Sexist Asshole. Yes, his pro-life policy makes me a one-issue voter. It is unacceptable for the government to take control of that. It’s fascism on a level with forced sterilization. 

Well, no. What it is is forced breeding. It’s turning frightened upper-middle class high school and college students into brood mares. (Because let’s be honest - anyone with less income than upper-middle class can’t afford to get an abortion, anyway.) The ridiculously bad sex-ed programs and the push to outlaw the morning after pill will do it to the rest of the girls who don’t choose abstinence (or have a boyfriend or classmate or acquaintance choose for them) as well. Next they’ll make sodomy a crime again. Do you want that? I don’t think so.

I’ll never have an abortion. I was lucky enough to have good sex-education. I was lucky enough not to have any men in my life who betrayed my trust. If I get pregnant in the future, I’ll be ready to raise a child. I’ll be ready to endure 9 months of pregnancy and hours or days of labor. 

BUT NOT EVERYONE IS SO LUCKY. And women have an absolute RIGHT to control what’s in their body. 

So vote for real life. Vote pro-choice.

Whoaaa, this is a rant. There’s some hyperbole in there. But not much.

Oh wait, you’re not supposed to tell people who to vote for. Guess what? I don’t care. Everyone does it. At least I’m doing it for principles and common sense. That’s more than most people can say.

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A study on voter fraud pushed by Maine Republicans concluded that there is absolutely no evidence of student voter fraud in the state — but the GOP has pledged to crack down on it anyway. Like conservative state legislatures across the country, Maine Republicans have been pushing a Voter ID law, ostensibly to prevent non-existent voter fraud. As ThinkProgress has documented, these laws are a transparent attempt to disenfranchise Democratic voters, especially students, the poor, and minorities.

Are honest, good-faith Conservatives really confused anymore as to why the Left accuses the GOP of being both anti-scientific and divorced from reality?  Particularly when their policy choices are antithetical to studies that the GOP themselves are submitting to the public?

I suppose we’d have to track down one of the honest, good-faith Conservatives and ask. But I wouldn’t know where to look. Can anybody name one?

There is no mass voter fraud in America, it is an outright lie. It is an excuse to reinstate voting taxes and in general suppress the votes of non-rich non-aged non-white people. There is no argument to be had, it’s completely, truthfully, and utterly what the right is doing.


 This is why I don’t get to fucking vote this year. I never got the chane to register over the summer, especially since at the time I thought I’d be able to register to vote while at school. I don’t know if it’s technically impossible, but it’ll be damn hard. Fuck you, LePage.

And this is why I’m not voting this year, even though I really, really wanted to vote. Because disenfranchisement due to lack of residency is shittastic.

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