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~click for nsfw TOS/AOS spirk 4some ughh~

SpockPrime: “This is highly illogical”

Nu!Spock: “I concur”

Kirks: “Ngh! Ah! Spock!”

Spocks: “………….I see your point Captain”


if anyone ever asks you what star trek is about just show them this

this is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen in my life

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Spock being a sassy little shit in Patterns of Force

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Three years ago, researchers fired whisky to the International Space Station as part of an experiment to see how the conditions in space change flavours. Next month, the whisky will return to Earth.

Scotland’s contribution to space research. Good job.


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Star Trek was one of the most important things to happen in entertainment. As much as I enjoy the energy of the new films, it’s quite a shame they don’t really stand for anything positive or progressive like the original series used to….

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anyone who’s been following this blog knows that we’re highly susceptible to popular memes  

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Are these still a thing?

oh god dying


imagine everyone on the enterprise treating uhura like everyone on tumblr treats natalie dormer

imagine jim telling spock that “uhura could literally kick me in the shins, spit on my face, and take the captains chair away from me and i’d probably be like ‘okay thank you do you want a footrub your eyes are so pretty’”

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if chekov had a facebook i’m pretty sure this is what the pictures would look like

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s’chn t’gai kirk
spock kirk
s’chn t’gai jim
mr. jim spock
mr. spock kirk
mr. and mr. spock-kirk
mr. and mr. kirk-spock
jim kirk-spock

'captain, do you require assistance with those reports?'

'er, ah, no, no, not at all, ensign. hardly. thank you. very important reports. that i am writing. they'll be finished spock. i mean, soon.'

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obama is spock and uhura’s child pass it on


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This particular moment in Star Trek is actually quite important. A lot of people don’t realise that understanding something is not the same as approving of something. This particular episode (A Taste of Armageddon) had a civilization where war was fought on computers instead of on the battlefield and instead of people dying in combat they would send the calculated amount of “casualities” into a camp to die. Kirk is outraged completely by this and rightly should be, but Spock is not so overtly disapproving. He understands why they might think their solution is better for their civilization and takes the time to think about why they are doing it. Even though he can understand why, he still believes it is wrong for them to be doing it. 

There is a separation between understanding something and  approving of something that a lot of people seem to miss. 

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