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Sense and Sensibility - A commentary by Emma Thompson

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What though the sea with waves continual 
Does eat the earth, it is no more at all: 
Nor is the earth the less, or loseth aught, 
For whatsoever from one place doth fall, 
Is with the tide unto another brought: 
For there is nothing lost, that may be found, if sought.

Sense and Sensibility (1995) dir. Ang Lee

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⋅ 1811 ⋅ 1813 ⋅ 1814 ⋅1815 ⋅ 1817 ⋅ 1817 ⋅
Jane Austen's novels

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Things I Love ∆ Sense and Sensibility (1995)

“I’ve come with no expectations. Only to profess, now that I am at liberty to do so, that my heart is, and always will be yours.”


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Relatives and Relativity by yahtzee. A Sense and Sensibility/Doctor Who crossover. It’s beautiful and lovely and the sisters Dashwood are wonderful and so is the Doctor. It’s Nine, btw. 

Quote: “Elinor – do you think it could be real – that he could – that he might be a magician?”

“His speech is rather rough, dearest. More likely he is a day-labourer from the North.”

Paper Chase by sam_storyteller A White Collar/Sherlock crossover. This was so good. Everyone is in flipping character, El gets some of the best lines/moments (because, duh), paintings and criminals and texting, oh my!

Summary: One criminal consultant. One consulting detective. One serial killer. And one perhaps inadvisable bet…

And the bet is the best thing.

Podfics read by fayjay, and fayjay and lunate8 respectively and can be found here along with lots of other wonderful things read by fayjay. 


[We were] trying to create a sense of real mystery around that man. Not that you need to, really, with Alan playing it ‘cause he’d be mysterious playing a milkman. - Emma Thompson

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Cutest. Kiss. Scene. Ever.

I have come here with no expectations, only to profess now that I am at liberty to do so; that my heart is and always will be yours.
Edward Ferrars (Hugh Grant), Sense and Sensibility, 1995