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Nicki is having none of your cisnormative bullshit. (x)

Fuck yeah Nicki Minaj!!

Nicki you’re the best

Watched the interview though and omg, she doesn’t even flinch or back down or laugh like it’s a joke, just. Oh my god. Yesss.



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Clair Huxtable shutting down men’s outdated opinions on female menstruation (◡‿◡✿)

Clair was always dropping truth bombs…

but why we still saying this stuff 30 years later?

Patriarchy is the answer.

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Not liking penis isn’t transmisogynist.

Equating penis with man, equating being a lesbian with not liking penis, erasing trans women lesbians, treating trans women’s bodies as revolting, pretending that criticism of transmisogyny is just trans women trying to get into your pants (related: pretending trans women transition to get into your pants), pretending cis lesbian women who like trans women who have penises are actually bisexual for that, ignoring how structural oppression paints certain bodies (like trans women’s) as less desirable and how that can influence and even fully adjust attractions, stereotyping all trans women as having penises, stereotyping the function of the penises of trans women who have them, on the other hand

That stuff is all transmisogynist. 

Maybe you should stop doing that stuff and then claiming it’s just because you dislike penis and you won’t be rightfully accused of transmisogyny anymore. :)






i have an idea in my head where thor is just like. painfully incapable of being cissexist.

like some transphobic reporter asks him abt his sexuality and he’s “i have been attracted to many of your midgardian genders” and “what” and “my current paramor is genderqueer” “are they male or female” “they are neither of those two genders, that is what i have just said!” “oh well what were they born as" "oh no, dear friend, u appear to be confusing genderqueer with genderfluid! the lady mystique assures me that these are two very different things, [extremely extended explanation]"


oh  my gosh yes

"but what are they biologically?”

"…they are human."

oh my god

"But what is between their legs?!"

"That is not of your concern, but on a good  day, myself!"


on a good day, myself

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Kill the physical-sex-reveal dramatic device, burn its corpse, seal away the ashes, fire them into the sun

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The former director of the South Carolina GOP has some thoughts. Putting people you don’t like into camps, hmmmm, where have I heard that before…. Stay classy Republicans.

This is the political ideology that constantly throws out Nazi at people that they disagree with.

Ugh, he also fetishizes bisexual women and used the t-word in more tweets. Uuuuuuugh.

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Using a bisexual label does not automatically stamp you with a TRANSPHOBE label. As much as certain communities would like you to think it should, it’s crap. It just doesn’t make any fucking sense when you break those arguments down—-just like the etymology arguments fail to work based on historical uses of the terms alone. How does that explain this, this, and this? Or the fact Lesbians don’t come aren’t from Lesbos or that not all gay people are happy people? Words evolve and have different meanings to different people. Etymology as an end all be all is just fucking ridiculous.

Whole article thingie

twbasketcase, thank you.

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just need to sit down from the beauty of that article jesus christ

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It was exactly three months ago that Richard Littlejohn published a piece in the Daily Mail viciously attacking Lucy Meadows, a primary school teacher in Britain. Littlejohn targeted Meadows because she’s transgender and had chosen to remain in her job as a teacher after beginning to present as a woman – this was the entire basis for his outrageous, unprovoked assault on her identity, her career, and her very life. It was vile and hateful in all the ways we’ve come to expect from a publication that, like much of the press these days, treats trans women as alternately ridiculous or a threat to society. It was quite literally intolerant of everything that Lucy Meadows was.

So it came as a surprise today that the Daily Mail has completely removed any mention of Meadows from Littlejohn’s column. What happened? Did they suffer a sudden attack of morality, three months later? No. Their decision was based on something much darker than conscience.

Lucy Meadows killed herself this week.

Read more…

Fuck this shit. Fuck this asshole. Fuck everything.

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Arguing in favor of doing away with the idea of bisexuals counts as biphobia, because it invalidates bisexuality as not being a real thing, it disregards the history of bisexuality, it disregards the weight of the word bisexual in society, and blames bisexuality for transphobia even when bisexuality has nothing to do with transphobia.
DeeDee E. writing in The Rainbow Hub (via bisexual-community)

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“In fact, the large majority of women in contemporary Western societies have sex exclusively with men,” said Meredith Chivers, a Ph.D. candidate in clinical psychology at Northwestern University, a psychology intern at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health and the study’s first author. “But I have long suspected that women’s sexuality is very different from men’s, and this study scientifically demonstrates one way this is so.”

Oh God so much transphobia and misogyny and biphobia and gah. No. Bad study. Bad.


I did a lot of soul searching last night and I decided that my real identity is Dwayne Johnson.

From now on, please, call me “Dwayne”, or “The Rock”.

Thanks so much for respecting my wishes, I’m looking forward to interacting with you all…. as a transcelebrity. 

I don’t think I need to point out every single fucking thing wrong with this piece of shit, so I merely point out its existence.

Do not like this piece of trash, reblog it with commentary.

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I figured a way out — a way to get rid of all the lesbians and queers. But I couldn’t get it passed through Congress. Build a great big large fence, 150 or 100 miles long. Put all the lesbians in there. Fly over and drop some food. Do the same thing with the queers and the homosexuals. Have that fence electrified so they can’t get out. Feed ‘em, and– And you know what? In a few years they’ll die out. You know why? They can’t reproduce.

North Carolina pastor Charles Worley (via think-progress)

Every time someone says “gay people can’t reproduce,” I sigh and think of trans people. The fact that this is a hateful piece of shit goes, I think, without saying.

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If your atheism is; misogynistic, racist, homophobic, transphobic, or any other type of bullshit bigotry, we ain’t comrades. 

If your feminism isn’t Intersectional, we ain’t friends.

If your feminism isn’t Transfeminist, we ain’t buds.

Just need to get this out of the way so there is no confusion or awkwardness. 

Plenty of oppressive bullshit goes down under the guise of nice. Every day, nice, caring, friendly people try to take our bodily autonomy away from us (women, queers, trans people, nonbinaries, fat people, POC…you name it, they just don’t think we know what’s good for us!). These people would hold a door for us if they saw us coming. Our enemies are not only the people holding ‘Fags Die God Laughs’ signs, they are the nice people who just feel like marriage should be between a man and a woman, no offense, it’s just how they feel! We once got a very nice comment on this site that we decided we could not publish because its content was ‘But how can I respect women when they dress like – sorry to say it, pardon my language – sluts?’. This is vile, disgusting misogyny and no amount of sugar coating and politeness can make it okay. Similarly, most of the people who run ex-gay therapy clinics are actually very nice and polite! They just want to save you! Nicely! Clearly, niceness means FUCK ALL.

The Revolution Will Not Be Polite: The Issue of Nice versus Good (Social Justice League)

Concern trolls (‘we’re so ‘concerned for you’, we’re just doing it for your own good’) always think being polite about their bigotry makes it harder to spot them.

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