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Just one awkward twenty-something who hopes to, one day, change the world.

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The Wash to my Zoe (and tag)
The John to my Sherlock
The Keladry to my Alanna
The Mal to my Zoe

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Shall we play, doctor?

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Poor Banner

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An attempt at storytelling using silhouettes, based on scifigrl47’s headcanon The Avengers and Movie Night

This is absolutely lovely. 8)

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And after that…

Tony, Bruce and my Human!Jarvis
continuation from this: Jarvis? Don’t leave me buddy..

Coz i wont leave our Copilot dying.
now can u all forgive me~? TvT and can i finally have my ficlet,pliz?

All My Marvel x Pacific rim AU art series
can be found here: kaijuBuster-verse!tag


Bruce Banner and Hulk Figure Set by Hot Toys

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"So I moved on. I focused on helping other people. I was good. Until you dragged me back into to this freak show and put everyone here at risk. You wanna know my secret, Agent Romanoff? You wanna know how I stay calm?"

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The progress of Bruce and Tony’s friendship

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A group of remarkable people

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So, this Doctor Banner was trying to replicate the serum they used on me?
Didn’t really go his way, did it?

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