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This was a beautiful and inspiring love story of our time. I’m not kidding. (She did martial arts and was on a man-saving mission! He ran a secret revolution from his tea shop!)

guys i have to tell u about how great this movie/show is

basically this girl isn’t alice, her name is alice and everyone thinks she’s the first one who comes to wonderland. she isn’t though, but she ends up in wonderland through a series of spoilers and wonderland is FUCKED UP

wonderland is set up that they steal humans from the real world (called oysters) and harvest their ‘pearl’. basically they take these humans and put them in a giant casino where people feel various emotions (ecstasy, dissapointment, terror, etc), and these emotions are harvested.

these emotions are then sold as tea to the civillians of wonderland - to mollify them since everyone hates the government this is how they keep them complacent in the system.

of course the hero (alice) comes in, and basically fucks shit up, saves wonderland, sees her father again, the ‘girl who stole her man’ is humanized, the acting is great, and there is an adorable old knight who is the best comedic relief ever.

this show is the only thing that has come close to the brilliance of the original, and brings in its own individuality

this movie/show is like someone came in and filmed your favourite dreams.

i highly recommend watching this

That. And I also like that they did the “Omg, get this, Alice in Wonderland, but dystopia” without going “Omg, let’s make it all dark and twisted looking”. Which is fine but, it get’s done a lot.

Case in point, the Queen’s super secret police ride hot pink flying flamingo bikes, seen here being hijacked by Hatter and Alice.

Everything in the movie is bright and vibrant, oh, and their Jabberwock actually looks like the jabberwocky:

I love many, many versions of Alice in Wonderland, but Syfy’s is my favourite re-interpretation.


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The Great Library. There’s 5,000 years of history hidden here. Art, literature, law. Rescued when the Queen of Hearts seized power. She’d like nothing more than to see this burned to nothing.

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Do I need a reason to help a pretty girl in a very wet dress?

It’s Alice’s journey, but she catapults him into his own. Alice opens Hatter’s eyes and suddenly he has something to fight for, a girl, and he doesn’t even realize it, which is lovely." Andrew-Lee Potts

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How does this man always look good covered in blood?

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"The clockwork’s not ticking properly"

Oooh pretty.

Alice (2009) - Part 1

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I don’t know if you noticed, Alice, but my shop was ransacked  I’m homeless. I’m a target not only for the Suits but for the Resistance as well and there’s only so many places in Wonderland I can hide.

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these two


will be


the end of me


they are ruining my life


someone send help




I’m just kidding I don’t want any help I’m fine with being destroyed


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Damn you’re adorable 


Damn you’re adorable 

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Syfy's Alice [1/2]

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