"And how should I presume?"

Just one awkward twenty-something who hopes to, one day, change the world.

Cast of characters:

The Anna to my Elsa (and tag)
The Michael to my Wendy Darling (and tag)
The Wash to my Zoe (and tag)
The John to my Sherlock
The Keladry to my Alanna
The Mal to my Zoe

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This Journal Is Sex Work Positive

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This Journal Is Positive

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So you wanna know what that song on someone’s blog is but it won’t tell you cuz the player’s a shit?

Three fucking steps:

  1. Right-click or ctrl-click the player and go to page source.
  2. Search for “music” and find the bit with all the urls.
  3. Plug them into Youtube until you find the one you want.