"And how should I presume?"

The unsophisticated ramblings of an unenlightened twenty-something who hopes to, one day, change the world.

Cast of characters:

The Anna to my Elsa (and tag)
The Michael to my Wendy Darling (and tag)
The Wash to my Zoe (and tag)
The John to my Sherlock
The Keladry to my Alanna
The Mal to my Zoe

This Journal Is QUILTBAG Positive

This Journal Is Sex Work Positive

This Journal Is Body Positive

This Journal Is Positive

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  • Julie Andrews night, featuring Mary Poppins and the Sound of Music (plus Victor/Victoria if there’s time, Sound of Music is long)
  • Marvel Universe weekend
  • Megamind/Despicable Me double feature
  • Or Megamind/Stranger Than Fiction double feature