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Laci Green is one of the greatest voices of our generation regarding sex and openness. She has been sent violent threats and pictures of her apartment building in an attempt to scare and silence her. 

She must not be silenced.


Er, you realize that the issue with Laci Green isn’t that she talks about sex in a positive manner, but that she’s said some shitty things about trans people, Muslims, and bi people, right?

So I’ve heard rumors of that circulating around, but I can find nothing about it with my (admittedly quick) google searches or anything, and have no idea where the rumors (fact or fiction) started, and was really hoping SOMEONE would post something relating to it that i could actually look into and/or read.

So if you have any information, could you send it my way? Because I think Laci is very awesome, body positive, sex positive, and in the videos I’ve watched of hers, doesn’t seem to subscribe to any *isms, at least knowingly on her part. =/

Link for you, m’dear. You can also find more in the #sex positive tag on Tumblr.

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    For fucks sake I am sick to death of all this “you cant talk about sex unless you mention everything” stuff! Her videos...
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    Laci Green has changed my life and the way I feel about myself. She is such a positive influence on everyone she...
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    I had a pretty big rant about this typed up and decided not to post it and just unfollow the person who was pissing me...
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    I don’t the Laci Green is transphobic. She slipped up a few years ago. She has learned since then, and has apologized. I...
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