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Oh God!

… They’re just sooo predictable. It makes me sick to my stomach.

Yes, white people, you are this predictable. You all—all as in every single white person ever, all as in all white people. This time, I am actually saying “all.” So maybe your reading comprehension will function the way it’s supposed to—you all need to sit and think about why it is that you always claim to not be racist, but you, and every other racist and/or privilege denying white person make the exact same arguments every god damn time. If you really think it’s only coincidence, you need to reevaluate yourself in way that will make you uncomfortable before engaging with another PoC again.

And it’s ridiculous just how EVERY WHITE PERSON EVER comes up with this exact bullshit. No one ever says anything outside what’s shown here. And then they try to say that we are indoctrinated? If they repeat this shit over and over again to me they’re the ones who are indoctrinated.

You angry assholes. In highschools like in California where whites are a minority, they get bullied, sometimes physically, for being white. Anytime there’s a minority in a location, they get it. I get that racism against blacks are way, way more common, but there is such a thing as reverse racism. ALL racism is bad. And I *DO* believe that that person in the picture is not a racist. That doesn’t make that person a halo’d angel and I doubt that person feels like one, but not racist. What even are you guys trying to do?

You’re kidding, right? There is no such thing as reverse racism, because even if you’re mean to white people, you don’t have a system of oppression behind you. Racism =/= being bullied. Racism is getting shot because people automatically assume you are a criminal. Racism is having ONE person of your skin color be shown in any medium, as a side character, never as a main character or a love interest, if they are shown at all. Racism is not being seen as a friend, it’s being seen as your automatic “I’m not a racist” marker, which means you see people as objects, not humans. Racism is having bandaids and “nude” nail polish being the color of white skin. Racism. Is not. Bullying.

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    White people: we are like thia. We need to understand it so we can move past it
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    Right, because the best way to get rid of one type of prejudice is to use another. Lets fight stereotypes with other...
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