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The Queen and her Loyal Knight

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 three big evils

My takes on male maleficent, Male Ursula and female Hades.

I love painting fantasy and none human colored skin! Hope you guys like ^_^

Like me on facebook for more updates and progress steps : D

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This flower shaped confetti contains flower seeds that grow into wildflowers. It is hand made and biodegradable so it leaves no waste. Via

This is actually kinda perfect for outdoor weddings omg

casually reblogging this entire tag lol whoop


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come on stark get your shit together you don’t know what kinda shit hydra’s up to

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Felt like the black kiki this morning haha. Now all I need is a broomstick and a black cat. 

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Asker fasduck Asks:
rwby au where everything is the same except the grimm are replaced with thomas the tank engine
bemusedlybespectacled bemusedlybespectacled Said:
Asker Anonymous Asks:
You should look at regretproduced's great post. It will actually quell your beliefs
bemusedlybespectacled bemusedlybespectacled Said:

Or I could sit here and eat Cadbury cream eggs, which would be a way more fun and productive use of my time.


Home-mades, Stanislava Pinchuk

Home-made tattoos for friends & friends of friends, playing with memory, space & geography turned back on the body, all completed as trades.

  1. Wildflower with galaxy spores: traded for tailoring
  2. Australian native lilacs & wildflowers: traded for a house-plant & a necklace
  3. Orion’s belt, drawn from memory: traded for dinner 
  4. L: Twin Branches: traded for a wallet & necklaceR: A map of the NYC high line from memory: traded for the most amazing crystal
  5. Shield (Constellation): traded for house plants
  6. Solar Eclipse: traded for dinner
  7. L: Constellation (Diamond): traded for a drawingR: Wolf with a city on its back: traded for a drawing
  8. L: A map within a firework exploding, marking north, Berlin, Vancouver & Melbourne in its rays, brother & sister before parting again: traded for whiskeyR: Twin Branches (Constellation): traded for a drawing 
  9. L: Constellation like mountain: traded for home-cookingR: Twin Branches: traded for whiskey
  10. A map of 4 cities between Melbourne (Constellation): traded for a drawing

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  • citizen: it's a bird!
  • citizen: it's a plane!
  • *superman flies down with kryptonite between his teeth*
  • superman: it's a metaphor



Attack on Castle Cousland.
Artist : http://ranmacmh.deviantart.com/

Oh wow

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I don’t consider myself a feminist, I prefer to call myself a humanist or an egalitarian.
Pseudo-intellectual white dude who prefers to imagine that he’s more enlightened than feminists and also is uncomfortable with the thought that he’s part of the problem and also has a incorrect conception of feminism. (via brighterthanroses)

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Sherlock/The Last Unicorn (movie version)

haha I’m such a fucking nerd

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fistfightsandstilettos replied to your post: Any fanfic involving Sitwell just make…

roomy and I watched the previous week’s AoS before seeing Cap2 and I cheered for Sitwell being in it cus YAY JASPER. and then the movie happened. and now I can’t cheer for Jasper. he betrayed me. I was very upset.